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When we first started out in 1997, we were a modern group of enginners with a big dreams to build a physical security system that could empower our customers to master their enviroments.
This vision led to our very first IP-based video surrveillance system, Omnicast, which offered more scalability, flexibility, and ease of use than anything else on the market.


Intelligent Security Systems, ISS, is a world leading developer of security surveillance and control systems through audio and video capture, recording, and analysis of patterns, of video images and digital data transmission.

ISS provides a comprehensive line of digital video surveillance solutions that are at the forefront of security, with the ability to be tailored to each project, allowing centralized command and control of an entire enterprise security network in a single place.

The ISS experience has advanced algorithms that provides a level of intelligence and analytics that was available only for government and military applications.

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